At Continuum, we take our name seriously - you can expect us to be by your side every step of the way. Whether training in person or virtually, your program will be crafted with the utmost intention. In learning proper nutrition, training, and recovery, you will discover the most efficient, enjoyable, and sustainable ways to achieve and exceed your goals.

Our founder and head trainer, Madeleine Conti, specializes in working with general population who are suffering from injuries or have just gone through surgery. Upon the completion of her bachelor’s degree in music performance, she was walking into her third surgery to repair a compromised tendon in her wrist, and it was during her post-operative physical therapy that she realized the answer was a daily, calculated, holistic approach: exercise and nutrition. Madeleine took it upon herself to gather more than just the certified personal training certification (American Council on Exercise) to properly serve her clients - to date, she holds certifications specializing in orthopedic exercise and cancer exercise (both completed through the American Council on Exercise), as well as Onnit’s Foundations certification, which teaches the importance of mobility and durability as the foundational pieces of a successful training program.

Madeleine is also the founder of KETTLECLUB, a group fitness concept combining the components of hardstyle kettlebell training into what she calls “flows”. The class feels like a cross between resistance training and a dance cardio class. It is a multi-planar, cerebral, and most importantly, fun class. Although piecing the components of the flows together is challenging, the movements themselves are a low-enough barrier of entry that anyone of any skill level can feel comfortable attending the class.