"To people who are considering hiring a personal trainer: I'm a 25-year-old male with a long history of being a very active athlete, playing several different varsity/club sports, and I can honesty say that Madi is seriously the BEST. I've seen her work with other clients who likely don't have a history of athleticism or the daily grind has worn them down over the years. I'm impressed by her sincere uplifting motivation she provides ALL her clients. Madi builds your workout and nutrition plan specifically to you, she works with you at your pace, doesn't judge or pressure you, and more importantly is truly sincere in her efforts in helping her clients achieve their goals. I would definitely recommend reaching out to Madeleine if you would like to see what I mean!"

- Robert J.


"Madi is the best! I started working with her after I suffered some injuries to my back, so I was nervous to get back in the gym. As soon as we started working together, all of my fears melted away. She made sure my form was perfect and adjusted the weights to fit me perfectly. She is extremely knowledgeable, easy to connect with, cares deeply about her clients and is lovable. I love working with her. I feel stronger than I ever have in my life. My body feels better, I feel better. I look forward to our sessions each week."

- Jaimi S.


"This girl whipped me into the best shape I've been ever been in...just in time for my wedding! Super fun, super positive, but holds you accountable and gets the exact results you ask for!"

- Allie J.


"Not only is she a super talented trainer, but Madi is also witty and hilarious. You'll get amazing abs and quality entertainment all rolled into one. I won't wake up at 6:00 AM for just anyone! Thanks Madi for being patient, fun, and creative with my workouts. Five stars!"

- Jen H.


"Madi has been a crucial figure in my fitness life. She helped me transform my body into exactly what I wanted it to be, with the dedication, perseverance, and inspiration that you need from a trainer. Thanks to her skills and motivation, I am finally happy with my lifestlye!"

- Jonathan B.