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We call it a club, but really it's a family.

From kettlebell flows to kettlebell basics, Kettleclub's numerous programs have you covered with an amazing community to support you along the way. Scroll down to see an overview of our program options.


Our Story

Kettleclub was founded in 2021 by Madeleine Conti, who is now the CEO of Continuum, a fitness app that is an oasis for the client who wants a seamless, limitless user experience, and for the coach who wants to scale their time and business without needing the help of a 20-person team. Select any of the Kettleclub programs below to become one of the inaugural members of the Continuum app.

Kettleclub Programs

Kettleclub 101


3 days/week

Equipment: medium kettlebell

Tutorial-heavy crash course on all the staple kettlebell skills to prepare you to build flows in our flagship program, Kettleclub.



4 days/week

Equipment: medium & heavy kettlebell

Kettleclub's flagship program. Each week of programming prepares you for the week's flow. Swings, cleans, presses, snatches, hand switches, and rotational movements make up the programming every week.

Flow State


Follow at your own pace

Equipment: medium & heavy kettlebell

Our most advanced and flow-forward program to date. Every day contains a kettlebell flow and animal flow. There are no skill review sections in this program, so please complete Kettleclub 101 before subscribing to this program.



3 days/week

Equipment: barbell, heavy kettlebell, long resistance band

Powerlifting and Olympic-style weightlifting supplemented with heavy kettlebell work and accessory pieces. Formerly known as "B3."

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